Virtual training environments are the best way to train and sell technical software and SaaS, providing an accurate hands-on and experiential ecosystem to learn the way around a new product.

As businesses increase their investment in the public cloud, CloudShare puts your training solution for SaaS ahead of the competition, meeting growing complexity with consistent simplicity and control.

Replicate your in-depth cloud solution on a complex cloud platform

Create your own specific architecture using the step-by-step wizard, no need for your sales team to have advanced technical knowledge. Your virtual instructor-led training environment is completely isolated and secure.


Accommodate a fast-paced, ever changing environment

No need to start from scratch every time you have a software change, or a cloud provider updates a feature. Simply edit from your existing architecture, choosing from networks, domains and hardware, to users, access or descriptions.

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Embrace easy class-management, even at scale

Set up training labs in minutes, including replicating to thousands of trainee environments. Monitor and interact with each student environment individually or from a central console and enable multi-cloud view for cross-platform SaaS training.

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Manage resources behind the scenes with tight cost-control capabilities

Set up resource quotas with soft and hard limits for elements like CPU or memory. With provisioning under your control, there are no unexpected costs. When you’re finished with your environment, it’s torn down automatically.

Manage resources behind the scenes with tight cost-control capabilities

CloudShare’s SaaS training platform makes it simple to replicate real-world cloud architecture on the public cloud, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, into easy to manage training lab environments at scale. Highly performant trainee experiences, transparent cost control, and boosted product adoption.

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