SharePoint Cloud developers, rejoice.

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With development moving at the speed of light, the ability to quickly build, test, revert, and re-test has never been more vital. Who has time to configure and reconfigure SharePoint farms and servers? And who can afford the costly on-premise infrastructure to support SharePoint’s ever-growing system requirements?

With CloudShare’s library of pre-configured SharePoint templates, you can get down to business – fast! No need for expensive on-premise infrastructure. No IT experience required.

Ease of Use

Spin up a fully-configured and customized environment in minutes. A web browser is all you need!

Extensive Template Library

Individual SharePoint VMs or pre-configured, multi-server SharePoint farms – we have what you need.

Licensing included

Our SharePoint templates have licensing built-in. One less expense. One less thing to worry about.

Quick Environment Cloning

Copy your whole environment with a single click – even its current memory state. Return to a clean image in minutes.

Sharing & Collaboration

Invite your colleagues to collaborate on your environment – across the office or across the world.

Resource Management

Fully-configurable policies – including activity-sensing and auto-suspend – to save your resources and money.