Environment as a Service (EaaS)

The IT market has seen a high demand for testing services, which is why terms like “software as a service,” “platform as a service,” “infrastructure as a service,” and “testing as a service” are so popular in the industry.

What these sandbox virtual environments have in common is their capitalization on the benefits of cloud technology. Compared to local solutions, virtual dev environments feature:

  • More flexibility
  • More scalability
  • Better cost-effectiveness
  • Enhanced accessibility
  • More control
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They are incredibly useful tools for cloud computing, enterprise applications, IT and cyber security, and any field that deals with software.

Companies can use these types of platforms to improve speed and versatility in application development, reduce management and support costs, and decrease time to market.

The Basics of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Before we talk about EaaS, we first must define IaaS, or Infrastructure-as-a-Service. This type of service provides organizations with storage, networking, and computing resources on-demand. Used in conjunction with an operating system, IaaS often transpires in the form of virtual machines.

Virtual systems that require environmental customization turn to IaaS to add functions for more complex workflows as the company expands.

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The Basics of EaaS

Environment-as-a-service, or EaaS, is a service in which both the application and the environment run together and undergo version control. EaaS essentially extends the traditional IaaS format into application development.

EaaS uses automation to configure its servers toward a specific application. Companies can deploy and test components in a test environment-as-a-service as well.

The result is an all-in-one application environment that companies deploy reliably and consistently, achieving rapid program development and deployment without an extensive re-design of the program itself.

environment as a service dev test

Benefits of EaaS

Many businesses can do these tasks using local resources but choose to invest in EaaS anyway for the following reasons:

  • EaaS reduces the cost of maintenance and support for certain applications.
  • It results in a more efficient use of resources by minimizing underutilized tools.
  • Project cycle time is lower, resulting in software features becoming available earlier.
  • Access to the final product is ready sooner, giving consumers a better perception of your application.
  • It gives you more flexibility in making future changes to your application.

Potential Applications for EaaS

Two significant uses cases we often see of EaaS technology is the proof-of-concept, or POC environment, and online training environments.

Have you ever had to deliver a proof-of-concept to business partners or consumers? Or maybe you had to teach how your software works to potential buyers?

Either way, both presentations would be more impactful when delivered online through an EaaS. Here are a few of the benefits of sandbox virtual environments:

  • Environments are always available online. Participants can access the session from any location on any machine with an internet connection. This level of accessibility gives consumers a better impression of your product and makes learning easier for business partners.
  • Cost-effective implementation. Your organization can expect lower costs because there is no need for travel or physical set-up time. The EaaS model is scalable and only requires you to pay for the resources you actually need.
  • Users can engage with the platform at their own pace. The environment is always available to them within the parameters that you set.
  • EaaS is more straightforward to update and scale to multiple participants. Unlike on-site environments, you can update and modify these environments from anywhere. Every participant, as a result, gets the whole experience without having to keep track of and install new versions of the software.
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EaaS is a logical solution for companies looking to improve their development cycles. This approach allows you to develop individual elements of your software, test them, conduct POCs, and ensure that you are releasing the best version of your product when it’s time to go to market.

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