Of all the public cloud providers, Google Cloud Platform is experiencing the fastest growth from year to year. Increasingly, software providers need to show how their software functions on GCP, providing a training model on Google Cloud, a proof of concept, or a hands-on sales demo or learning experience. CloudShare makes these tasks simple, joining together the vast power of GCP with the sophistication and control of our virtual labs solution for Google Cloud Platform training and sales enablement. Software companies can now create a flexible, specific software environment on top of the GCP commodity cloud. Spinning up a CloudShare environment on GCP for Google Cloud training takes just minutes, and can be replicated to as many users as necessary. At all times, the instructor has full control over the session, and the student can feel confident to play and test in a safe sandbox environment. Once the environments are no longer needed, they can be torn down automatically, according to your specific schedule.

Scale your Google Cloud Platform essential training

Create identical, scalable solutions for any number of users, creating sales demos, POC environments and virtual classes for employees and customers. If you’re looking to create any software training model on Google Cloud – CloudShare is your one stop shop to make it shine.


Access GCP developer tools like Google Cloud Datalab

Your developers will love you with a safe, sandbox environment solution to test out software and its impact on an overall GCP environment, alongside the developer tools they already recognize and benefit from. By integrating the two, your teams have much more freedom to innovate, with no risk.

Utilize the GCP admin console for full functionality

The GCP admin console is your workstation for everything you need to run your commodity cloud infrastructure, from VMs to databases and networking. Augment this with deep CloudShare training tools for both instructors and users alike.

Empower your instructors to do more on GCP

CloudShare is built for advanced virtual training lab functionality, with easy to use bespoke tools for instructor-led sessions, such as ‘over the shoulder’ view and ‘zoom in’ to take control of a specific machine when a user is feeling challenged. It’s the easiest way to host training and demos on Google Cloud.


Control end-to-end GCP resource provisioning

Define your resource limits for Google Cloud platform training and sales enablement sessions from within CloudShare, including setting both soft and hard limits for CPU, memory, usage and more. No surprises on your monthly invoice, and incisive control over each environment, down to a single user.

Benefit from advanced analytics and usage statistics

Track your sales proofs-of-concept in real-time to see the impact your software is having on your prospects, and jump in with support where necessary. Over time, see trends and historical baselines that make all the difference to business growth and success. cloudshare-resource-management-analytics

Create hybrid class environments to do more than just Google Cloud training

Offer cross-platform training side by side by utilizing Google Cloud Platform training alongside Azure labs or AWS virtual labs, all from the same session. This eliminates the complexity of training or selling for disparate environments. Enhance your sales cycle and your training offerings with intelligent and streamlined hands-on labs environments, spun up on GCP in minutes, scalable to as large a number as you need, and benefiting from all of the features you know and love. Google Cloud training and sales enablement just got a whole lot smarter. Request a demo to discuss your unique business requirements. Book a Demo    

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