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3 considerations for training millennials on emerging technologies

By Annie Reiss - December 5, 2018

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and an emerging millennial workforce is challenging the training practices of enterprises worldwide. While most headlines are focused on robots taking over the world and becoming our new shadowy overlords, the more practical approach…

Trust is Key but SalesTech Helps

By Annie Reiss - November 29, 2018

LinkedIn recently released its Third Annual State of Sales Report and some of the data paints an intriguing picture of how sales professionals consume digital tools and resources in the drive to boost performance. Overall, the report stresses the need…

Training matters: 2 Data-driven reasons for investing in corporate training

By The CloudShare Team - November 27, 2018

With only 8% of companies measuring the impact of their corporate training, many training departments’ contributions go unnoticed. As holiday season kicked off with Thanksgiving and many of us spent time counting our blessings, we wanted to give proper due…

A Recipe for Technology Sales Success this Thanksgiving Season

By Annie Reiss - November 21, 2018

Success in sales is often about making a prospect’s life easier. If you can do that significantly, you’ll not only have their gratitude, you’ll likely close new business. When it comes to complex purchases like technology, Gartner CEO reports there…

It’s National Clean Your Refrigerator Day

By Annie Reiss - November 15, 2018

5 simple steps to toss inefficiencies and reboot your team to kick off 2019 clutter-free Are you scared to open your training department’s fridge? We all know that feeling. You peer inside, size up the month-old lasagna, the mystery meat…

Avoid Getting Burned by Churn With Our New E-book

By Annie Reiss - November 6, 2018

Regardless of the size of your software as a service (SaaS) solution, customer retention is top of mind for every sales team. Smaller, low cost solutions mean it’s easier for customers to make the decision to come on board, but…

A Halloween Tale: The Sales Demo Spell

By Annie Reiss - October 31, 2018

Halloween, we all know, is a magical night. To some it brings treats, to some it brings fright. The same can be said of technology sales. Demos and POCs do hold their travails.

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