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G2 Winter Awards Have Landed – and CloudShare’s Sleighing It!

The CloudShare Team

Jan 03, 2024 - 2 min read
G2 Winter Awards Have Landed - and CloudShare's Sleighing It!

‘Tis the season to be jolly – and at CloudShare, we’ve got lots to be merry about! Our G2 Winter 2024 awards arrived just in time for the holidays, and we’ve been voted again as market leaders in virtual IT labs, customer education software, and demo automation software categories. With 97% of our user reviews on G2 being 4 and 5 stars, we’re really feeling the love from our users.

But for us, this isn’t just a one-season thing. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, we make it our mission to help companies deliver awesome training and sales experiences using hands-on learning. In 2023, our customers used CloudShare to run 45,200 classes for 145,600 students from 188 countries, with course completion rates 4x higher than industry benchmarks.

Software company leaders are realizing that customer education is a must for achieving their business goals. As one training expert put it, customer education turns a client’s question at contract renewal time from “Why are we using this product?” into “We can’t do without this product.” Not surprisingly, Forrester reports that 90% of companies saw a positive return on their customer education investments. From improved product adoption to reduced support tickets and increased customer retention, customer education has become the golden goose of software businesses.

Research shows that users prefer virtual IT labs, and software companies know that using a virtual IT lab for training, demos, and POCs is way more effective (and fun!) than watching someone else show you how to use the software (imagine learning how to ski by watching a YouTube video…no thanks!). Our recent survey underlines that most software companies don’t want to miss out on those benefits: 53% of respondents are using virtual IT labs, and an additional 29% plan to purchase one. It makes sense that the global virtual IT labs market is projected to nearly double in the next few years (from $1544.76 million in 2022 to $3029.13 million in 2028). Customer education is about “What do you need to know now?” – and virtual IT labs transform customers into experts who can make the most of your software to meet their goals.

As customer education continues to evolve and grow in 2024, we’re stoked to keep helping our customers meet their business goals by creating quality learning experiences that people love. And that’s the best gift we could ask for 🙂.