Why CloudFolders is Awesome

By Danielle Arad - April 19, 2012
1 min read

Speaking with customers and people in trial on a regular basis, I find that Cloud Folders is regularly mentioned with enthusiasm. As someone who is fairly new to CloudShare, I never understood why Cloud Folders was such a hot topic with the people who were using the product. Until yesterday.

Yesterday, a training in the product was held for those of us without a technical background and I was able to experience all of the features in ProPlus firsthand. Let me first say that I really thought ProPlus was geared towards the techie and I wouldn’t be able to really use the product and its features. But turns out, Cloud Folders is awesome!


  • I’m not a developer and I found using Cloud Folders is as easy as just dragging an attachment into an email
  • I can access the files in Cloud Folders on my virtual machines from anywhere
  • When you’re collaborating with many people – for trainings, dev/test, and POCs – it’s pretty handy to have one central location for all of your documents
  • Now, I can truly emulate the excitement of our customers and trial users because I’ve experienced Cloud Folders firsthand.

There’s a lot to love about Cloud Folders and if you haven’t used that feature yet, you should. You’ll love it too.