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Will They Jump in … or Drop Out? The Challenge to Engage in Online Training


Jun 07, 2021 - 2 min read
How to Leap the Hurdle of Learner Engagement

Even before being forced into a shift by the pandemic, the training industry had already begun its exciting transformation. Training teams saw – and benefitted from – the new online, virtual software training solutions that replace in-person training of employees, partners, prospects, or customers.

The benefits are obvious: schedule flexibility, scalability, cut costs, reduced setup time, guided hands-on experiences, and more.

Just showing up is not enough

But training from behind a screen is not a checklist item in which a person’s attendance is, on its own, enough to accomplish your goal; getting the audience to join you is only the first step. Online training creates new challenges and emphasizes others that are centuries old:

  • How do you engage your audience?
  • How do you keep them involved and interested?
  • Most importantly, how do you make sure they are absorbing and integrating the content you are sharing?

Some of the best, proven techniques in software training best practice are didactic, educational tactics that apply (but don’t always appear!) in every sector, with audiences at every age and background, and in every educational framework. Other essential strategies to leaping past training hurdles are more technical, receiving a substantial boost from new virtual training platforms with features designed specifically to engage in a hands-on learning experience.

The answers are a click away

Our eBook: “You’re Losing Your Audience: How to Leap the Hurdle of Learner

Engagement” reviews the root causes for this modern-day challenge, and then outlines five core best practices that drive motivation in software training.

Following these guidelines will boost success with measurable results. Whether you are looking to overcome employee engagement hurdles as you onboard a new employee, succeed in a sales pitch to a potential customer, or enterprise software training for customers who have purchased your products and need initial or follow-up training for new/specific features, this eBook will help you ensure that your audience completes you training sessions with the knowledge and confidence they need to take the next step.

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