Offer the training your customers want.

Users prefer virtual training. Find out why.

The more users experience virtual training, the more they love it. This webinar gives you a chance to find out why learners love virtual training, and why Atlassian’s training team are hooked, too.

Step into the shoes of an Atlassian student, discovering how this software industry leader, with annual revenues of over $600 million, uses CloudShare to tackle all their complex training needs. CloudShare lets Atlassian combine live virtual classes and recorded training, with hands-on labs, offering the solution their learners want and need to get up and running with Atlassian’s software as efficiently as possible.

  • Beat the learning curve with “learning by doing”:  hands-on training features
  • Highly responsive student user experience
  • Deep knowledge retention, less wasted time
  • Reduce overhead and delays through virtual lab automation
  • Live Q&A feature offers complete interactivity

Best of all… you’ll set up your training in minutes, not hours.

CloudShare is battle tested, scaling up or down—from just a few users to hundreds at a time—with awe-inspiring stability to accommodate your needs like a custom solution without the cost or hassle.

This webinar shares a live demo of Atlassian’s on-demand training, so you can see for yourself what their users have already discovered: virtual training works, with fewer hassles and fewer headaches than any conventional training solution.


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