Improve productivity and time to resolution with our cloud-based customer support solutions

CloudShare’s specialized virtual IT labs let you quickly spin up customer environments and product versions so your team can focus on resolving problems.

Quickly spin up customer environments and product versions so your team can focus on resolving problems.

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Reproduce customer scenarios quickly and share easily

Quickly import complex and legacy customer environments.
Choose from an extensive library of pre-built templates with licensing included to quickly and easily test common scenarios.
Allow your engineers to get to work on customer issues rather than installing and configuring enterprise software.
Efficiently collaborate across oceans and time zones. Share and reuse product versions and customer environments and easily revert to original state at any time.
Control costs and make management easy. Automatically suspend or delete inactive environments. Drill down to see usage by customer, rep, version and more.

Technical support that makes customers and management happy

Increase Productivity

Less time spent configuring environments means support engineers start resolving problems more quickly. And different technical teams can work on issues simultaneously.

Control Costs

Automated environment policies and autosuspend reduce costs and simplify management.

Increase Collaboration

Saving and sharing blueprints lets support engineers hand off issues to other locations or revert to development for true 24/7 support.

Improve Resolution Quality

100% identical copies of product versions and customer environments eliminate errors introduced by manual configurations.

Fast Return on Investment

Reusable preconfigured and custom templates that spin up in minutes save hours to days of support resources with each use.

Avi Karnon, VP Global Support, MuleSoft  
Every time we use CloudShare, it saves us anywhere from four hours to a day. Even if we use CloudShare once a week, the time savings and ROI are immense.

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