SaaS Sales Training

SaaS Sales Training: A definition

To better understand what SaaS Sales training is, let’s break down the terms. Software as a Service, or SaaS, is web-based software that is used and managed online and usually paid for by customers via a monthly subscription model. Software sales training can mean different things, but in SaaS spheres, it will most likely refer to the process of training your clients’ sales teams to make sure they get the most out of your software once they’ve implemented it.

Putting these two definitions back together again; SaaS Sales Training is usually the process of training your clients’ sales teams to use SaaS software to better serve the way they work. This training is usually done remotely online – which has become especially desirable for the hybrid working landscape.

The benefits of SaaS sales training

Training users on how to use your software is crucial to its success, it allows them to use all the features your team has spent countless hours developing, testing and adapting. But as well as making your hard work worthwhile it can also make your customer base into one of your strongest marketing tools.

By arming users with the knowledge they need to use your SaaS software to its fullest extent, you also create ambassadors for your brand. When they see that your software is as good as you say it is, they will be more likely to recommend it to others.

By putting the right processes in place to build your SaaS sales training programs you’ll also ensure that your organization is equipped for scaling up. With the right training software, you can continue to grow without turning customers away.

Delivering successful SaaS online training

Online training is usually included as part of the SaaS onboarding process, to ensure that sales teams properly understand how the software works. This ensures that the new software invokes the changes the company intended by buying it. It also means they can continue to get value from all of the software’s features in the long run.

Delivering a successful SaaS sales training program requires these key approaches:

  • Showcase the true value of your software – Find the sales team’s specific pain points and demonstrate how your software solves them. Are there specific features that some competitors don’t have? Show off what makes your sales software unique and give your customers a reason to continue using your SaaS offering.
  • Show that your team is knowledgeable – Your team likely knows a lot about your product, but they should also be knowledgeable about the landscape it exists in. Show your new customers that you understand their needs, and that your product will evolve along with their needs.
  • Be immersive – Software sales training programs sometimes get a bad rap. They can be longwinded and disengaging if not properly considered. By making training sessions as hands-on and immersive as possible, you’ll be sure to keep the attention of even the most distracted attendees. Letting sales teams get their hands on the software to test is one sure-fire way to do this.

What are the SaaS Sales Training challenges?

  1. Lack of understanding of SaaS business model
  2. Inadequate product knowledge
  3. Resistance to change from traditional sales methods
  4. Difficulty articulating the value proposition
  5. Competition from established players
  6. Keeping up with rapidly evolving market and technology trends
  7. Measuring and tracking the success of training programs
  8. Maintaining consistent messaging across sales team.

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