Virtual IT Labs Glossary

Virtual IT Labs are an important component for a broad range of use cases, verticals, and markets. This glossary-posts will cover key terms related to virtual training, proofs-of-concept and demos, sales enablement, cybersecurity, learning management systems, customer education, and more.

Blended Learning Training

Everyone who’s been through school knows how classrooms work. You listen to the lectures, take notes, and complete exercises from home. This traditional model has been the standard in education for centuries. The introduction of computers and the internet has changed that trend. Online classes are becoming more and more popular with schools and businesses,…

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Blended Learning

The demand for education extends beyond high school and college. Businesses always need a way to put new employees, business partners, and clients up to speed with industry developments. Adult education is a focal point for many managers. You’ve probably heard the term “blended learning” before. It’s a modern approach to professional training and development…

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Sales Demo

When you have multiple employees working at your company, coordinating their work can prove to be a challenge. How do you ensure your sales team can communicate with your engineers on product features and improvements? How do you focus your projects toward the consumers’ needs and generate conversions effectively? In order to drive sales, one…

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